Car purchase and first problems

I own this car since spring 2016.

Bought it due to the good condition of the body, it already drove over 200k kilometers, but was originally owned by a Nissan car dealer.

The car got an oil change every 3-5k kilometers till it hit 120k kilometers, so the motor is in a good condition for its running kilometers.

Later owners were an elderly couple and then a member of the SXCE (German S-chassis Forum), who was the person I bought it from.


After a few months of driving it daily, and with no issues, the first defect appeared in fall.

The radiator had a leak so I decided to upgrade it and start the conversion to the late model Type X exterior which has been on my mind since I purchased the car.


The first part which has been changed was a Japspeed 3” catback exhaust system.

For the broken radiator, I chose to upgrade to a Mishimoto radiator including the dual e-fans for a SR20 engine.

Due to the different coolant piping of the CA18 motor, I had to get a conversion piping from the right sided motor outlet (right behind the brand new thermostat) to the left side where the SR20 radiator has its inlet.

That was done with a simple stainless steel pipe and some angled silicon connectors.

The original Nissan overflow tank had the typical cracks, so I had to get rid of it as well.

I Upgraded it to an aluminium overflow tank.


Next step was an upgrade of the side mount intercooler to a front mount Intercooler.

I decided to take the Driftworks Supercool intercooler kit, I was flashed how well produced this product was and the fitment was also pretty good.

Did a little change to the intercooler piping, due to the original air intake box I am going to use for the Stage 1 setup, just added a 90° Mishimoto silicon connector to it and still fitted properly.

The air intake got an upgrade with the K&N air filter.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for the next posts!