Brake upgrade

I chose the 300ZX (Z32) brake setup, with 4 pistons at the front calipers and 2 pistons at the rear calipers.

This is a huge upgrade to the original 2 and 1 piston swing saddle setup.

Just stripped the old paint off the front brake calipers and painted them in gloss black.

The rear calipers are in a very good condition, so I installed them like they are.

I also changed the brake hoses to steel braided ones and the master cylinder as well.


Brake rotors are by Brembo, as well for the Z32 which has a drum handbrake like the European S13 originally have.

In my opinion, this is the better solution compared to the S14 rear brake setup, which has a rear swing saddle which is attached to the mechanical handbrake.

The drum handbrake is more reliable when you want to go drifting and it won’t affect the rear brake pads and disc rotors of the rear brakes.


The front calipers of the S14 and Z32 are the same.

You can also use the front brake of the Z32 TT (Twin Turbo) which had the same caliper/piston setup but the front calipers are made of aluminum, so they are a lot lighter.

It is hard to get your hands on a good pair of these aluminum brake calipers.


The Dust shields had to get cut and unfolded up at the rear, due to the larger diameter of the disc rotors.

I will change the dust shields afterward as well, but I want some new OE ones and they are pretty expensive for a part which is already in the car but overlaps the rotors a bit better.

Finally, I just changed the Master cylinder to an S14 one, so the brakes just need a bleeding and the brake conversion is done.

Please note, that the original S13 master cylinder has a different piston ratio, so if you also want to upgrade your brakes, don’t forget the master cylinder!


Headlight upgrade

Due to the ugly shape and bad illumination of the original headlights, I upgraded them to clear glass ones with OSRAM Night Breaker Laser bulbs.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for the next posts!