CPU upgrade and exterior color plans

due to the changes in the air intake and intercooler, I am going to upgrade to another ECU, which allows the engine to run with the correct air-fuel ratio.

I got hands on a Blitz ECU made by Access for the CA18DET, tuned for a Boost from 0.6 to 0.8 bar (8 to 11 psi).

I am not sure about the color which I am going to use for the exterior, yet.

Currently, I am thinking about R34 Millenium Jade (JW0), R32 Gun Grey Metallic (KH2), a simply Black or the stock S13 Charcoal Metallic (KG2).

Probably a professional paint job is the better option but I am also thinking about wrapping the car.

When I am going for the black color, I will vinyl wrap the car.

The trunk lid will stay in carbon fiber finish on the top and from the spoiler lip to the center garnish of the tail lights it will be in the exterior paint color.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for the next posts!