there are plenty of awesome and creative creations of various rim manufacturers available, which are no longer produced.

The most of them become pretty uncommon and rare to find on the market.

I will give you a little overview of my favourite classic rims.

  • Advan A3A

  • Advan A3C

  • Advan A3E

  • Advan SAR

  • August Feroce 4H

  • August Feroce Big Man 4WD

  • AME 781

  • Bridgestone Super R.A.P.

  • Bridgestone Potenza R-3

  • Hoshino Racing Impul 4H/ 5H

  • Mugen M7

  • Nismo LMGT (1-4)

  • SSR Mesh

  • SSR Starshark

  • SSR Longchamp

  • Tom’s Igeta

  • Tom’s Racing

  • Watanabe

  • Wonder Rabbit

  • Work Equip


If you are more interested in this topic and want to see more awesome wheels which was available back in the day, you should checkout KYUSHASHOES !

It is an awesome Website where you can search for specific rims and learn some more about it in detail.


Do you own a rare JDM wheelset as well?

Feel free and send me a massage including a picture of your wheels and maybe I will add it to this list as well.