Bodywork and preparations for vinyl wrapping

Today we started the preparation for getting the car wrapped properly and easy.

We disassembled the hood, front and rear bumper, filler cap cover, popup covers, tail lights, mirrors and door trim pieces.

I finally managed to find some rust on my S13, which had to be somewhere because no s-chassis on this planet is rust free, but I am still flashed by the awesome condition of this car.

The preparation work has to be done to get the vinyl wrap more easily into the corners which would be hard to reach if the parts were still attached.

After that we filled up the small dents and scratches which sadly were added to the car over the past 29 years with some aluminium spatula.

..Don’t mind the circular saw..ish dust shields, they will get exchanged for some new OE Z32 dust covers in the near future ..

The aluminium spatula has been sanded and now we just have to finalize it up with some fine spatula to get a more even and clean surface that it won’t affect and shows thrue the vinyl wrap afterwards.

Last step today was to get all corners as clean as possible that the wrap can hold to the surface properly.

On monday we have to do the last steps and will start with the wrapping!

Already a special thanks to Emperador-motorismo for its awesome help and work, go ahead and check them out.


That’s all for now, stay tuned for the next posts!