Finally got a ’90s Japanese Van!

I was looking for a ’90s Japanese Van for around 2 years now, but not that intensively.

Just had my automated searches running and they just threw out many bad condition ones which had dents and rust cause they were getting used by workmans, or almost brand new ones which were price tagged way too high, so just cars for collectors.

A week ago, my search threw out this 1990 Nissan Vanette SLX “Spaceline” with the highest engine version, the Nissan Z24i (2.4l throttle body injection).

It was described with only 41k kilometers on its clock and it is currently the second owner.

In the evening I immediately called the owner and told him I will check his Van out the nextday.

The following day I went to check the Vanette out and it really is in a pretty awesome condition!

Unfortunately it was driven in the winter, so the underbody and suspension rods are a bit rusty. Just two of the wheel arches have a bit of rust, but it is still a pretty incredible condition for a 28 year old car.

I immediately decidet to take it, cause I thought this condition and mileage is almost impossible to find nowadays, the most of these Vans were already getting exported to different countries.

In a few days I will pick this beauty up and make some detailed and high resolution pictures to show you guys the new project in detail.