Last weekend the first S-Fest opened its gates for S-chassis enthusiasts

In the early spring I was invited to a carshow called S-Fest, which was hosted by and I wondered if this carshow could be good or not.

I decided to drive all the way from Aachen to GroƟ-Zimmern (near Darmstadt) and give it a try.

My decision has been honored by an awesome event and perfect weather.

Here the official aftermovie of the S-Fest:

The Event was hold at a parking lot of a Indoor karting and Event center named Fahr-Werk, at this location the visitors was abel to hunt seconds at teh indoor karting track or play adventure minigolf outside, right besides the cars.

Here some impressions:

This Kogushi styled “Hot Road” S13 won the Trophy for “Most JDM“, definitely legitimate!

Not just one, there were two Autech S15 variettas at the S-Fest, both driven by Girls.

Not just S-chassis showed up at this event, also some other JDM legends, like a Mark II Tourer V, an Aristo and also a Hachi found its way to this event.

Unfortunately there was just one S12, but this one might be the holy grail of all S12s in Germany and its neighbour countries!

These are some of the lucky winners of the categories:

– Best S12

– Best S13

– Best S14

– Best S14a

– Best S15

– Hottest Wheels

– Best Paint

– Coolest Interior

– Most JDM

the cars has been voted by the other car owners, so everyone had the same chances, for sure a pretty unique concept for such an event.


Here another Videos of the S-Fest:


Thanks to for this awesome Event, I will definitely be back on the next S-Fest!