As written previously, I got hands on a Nissan Vanette SLX with the (at least in Germany) rare 2.4 litre Z24i engine, which is also known from the ’90s Nissan hardbody trucks.

I already started working on the car for a bit now and was searching for all little problems and things which has to get done before it is ready to hit the road again.

Here some pictures of the condition of this vehicle as it was when I got it:

At the outside some scratches, dirt and rust..

..and inside it is almost brand new!

41.417km on the clock, so amazing!

So you maybe wonder what I want to do with it!?

I will go ahead and build me a little “JDM Campervan”, not JDM cause it is a 28 years old japanese van, it will also get a bed and everything you need for a small camper van like this in the style of the japanese culture.

Bamboo, classic japanese interior, cherry blossoms, flashy lights, Anime themed accessories, sparkly paint.. so everything you need to call it a real “JDM Camper” van.

I thought I could give it a go with these little interior mods.

So the interior design will be a “blue-golden” themed interior with some classy japanese interior styles mixed with some more modern flashy accessories.


Feel free to contact me for ideas or impressions for this van.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for the next posts!