In the last couple weeks I was thinking about the concept of the “JDM Camper” Van.

First and probably the hardest question is to put it on bags or lower it with static suspension..

As you can see, it sits pretty high with the stock setup,  so it definately has to get lowered!

I am really more into the static thing, but in this case I won’t lower the Van too much, cause it still has to be functional when it is finished.


Second question is, what kind of wheels do I choose?!

Currently the BBS RM029 and the SSR Mesh are my favourites, I think a golden face and polished lip would suite the Vanette pretty well.

BBS is.. well, it is BBS so they are nice either way, but the SSR are more JDM and even has a bit more classy look.


Let’s get into the things I already done to the Van, at this point it is not that much, but one of them was really important.

The power steering hose was in a pretty bad shape and was leaking, so I got rid of the whole original piping starting from the power steering pump up to the front cooling loop and exchanged it with a braided hose with Dash 6 connectors.

With that done, the Vanette is ready to hit the roads again.

The braided hose will probably last forever and the Van won’t have any issues with a squeeking power steering pump ever again.

I also made a custom mount for the mirror to suite the original mirror mounting spot.

Think it came out pretty nice, I might add a panoramic mirrow on top of it, cause the back vision is not that good.


The next steps will be to get the bottom of the car done, cause there are a few rust spots under the car and at the wheel arches that has to be removed.

Besides that I will starts to fabricate the rear floor so the Vanette can get its bed, camper gear and other cool JDM goods soon.


That’s all for now, stay tuned for the next posts!