In this post I’ll give you guys just a little rundown and photo coverage of the, in my opinion, best builds of this year’s “Essen Motorshow”.

The Essen Motorshow is held every year in Essen, Germany since 1968.

Starting with this unreal built of a BMW Z4 coupé with a 2JZ swap..
..and lots of carbon bodypanels
Many of well made classics

Tofugarage showed up with quite lot of unique and well done JDM cars

Jag XJ on super rare JDM Work Equip Voggard wheels
Emperador Motorismos R32 N1 GTR

Hope you enjoyed this little coverage, cause I really had fun at the Essen motorshow and are pleased to see so many great and unique builds.

Will definitely visit the Essen Motorshow again in 2019!