Isolation and Bamboo Floor

First thing that needed to got done before starting to build anything else for the interior of the JDM Camper was the floor.

I started to fill up the beads with cellular rubber so the surface gets even and already have some isolation.
This work took quite a while, but when it was finished it started to look like a floor.

After that I created a cardboard template for the floor plate and cutted the wooden plates.

The plates had to be glued together, to get a strong and even surface.

As soon as that was done and dryed out, I attached some styrofoam/ aluminium isolation to get the whole floor isolated.

That was the last preporation step, after that I was able to cur out the final floor surface, I chose a bamboo laminate material with silicone ground.

It was really simple to get the bamboo in shape, all I needed was a strong scissors.

All I needed to do was to place the wooden floor plate in the Vanette and rolling out the Bamboo laminate.

The main part was done, but there was still some small things to do to get the floor finished, for example the step, edge covers and the battery cover plate.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for the next posts!