After many hours of work on the Vanette, I was able to show the S13 some love.

I finally disassambled, cleaned and polished the ARC Super Induction Box.

The ARC badge was a pain in the a** to get off due to an adhesive strip under the badge additionally to the rivets.

With a bit of heat off a heatgun I was able to get it off without big damages, so saved quite a lot of money to get a new one.

After reassembling the AirBox I testfitted it to the car, it fits very nicely, just the air flow sensor had to get twisted to get the proper fit.

I also have a bit more space between the AirBox and Intercooler piping, which is great.

Next step is to make proper rubber bottom and side mounts to prevent damage caused by the engine movement and get a sweet new genuine ARC filter, the current K&N one is nasty and the sound and efficiency of the AirBox will be way better.

Coming up are also some minor changes to the interior, like the installation of my rare Recaro SR3 Falcon seats, Nismo-Willans 4 point harness and Solarplexius sun protection.

So stay tuned for new posts soon!