I test fitted the Recaro SR3 Falcon seats and installed Solarplexius sunprotection glasses!

The S13 got a bit of love the last days. I started with removing the original seats and vaccuumed the interior a bit. While doing that, I even found a Pfennig (old german currency), which was hiding between the driver seat and the center console.

Then tested the Recaro seats, cause I am currently waiting for one of the set brackets to arrive. As soon as the second one arrive, I will mount the seats properly, so I can drive again.

The seats now perfectly match the arm rest cover I made back in the day

After that I installed Solarplexius sunptotection glasses, it was a really easy process compared to casual window tint.

Solarplexius is a company based in Sweden and they produce a lot of god quality sun protection glasses which have the in the Europe required “E” certificate as well, so they can be legally get installed.

For the installation I just had to took out the inner window seal and stick the rear window glass inside the gap, then reinstalled the seal and just added a few of the included secure clips, the rear quarter side window glasses were even easier to install, just sticked them in and used one secure clip each, cause they already snapped into position pretty well.

Thats all for now, stay tuned for the next posts! Cheers