Nissan S13 Type X (Kouki) build #12

I test fitted the Recaro SR3 Falcon seats and installed Solarplexius sunprotection glasses! The S13 got a bit of love the last days. I started with removing the original seats and vaccuumed the interior a bit. While doing that, I… Continue Reading →

Nissan S13 Type X (Kouki) build #11

After many hours of work on the Vanette, I was able to show the S13 some love. I finally disassambled, cleaned and polished the ARC Super Induction Box. The ARC badge was a pain in the a** to get off… Continue Reading →

Nissan Vanette SLX C22 “JDM Camper” Build #3

Isolation and Bamboo Floor First thing that needed to got done before starting to build anything else for the interior of the JDM Camper was the floor. I started to fill up the beads with cellular rubber so the surface… Continue Reading →

Nissan S13 Type X (Kouki) build #10

Future plans for the S13 The S13 is currently asleep in a safe place to get through the Winter. In the meantime I was able to get hands on some very rare JDM goodies for the old Japanese lady, so… Continue Reading →

Essen Motorshow 2018

In this post I’ll give you guys just a little rundown and photo coverage of the, in my opinion, best builds of this year’s “Essen Motorshow”. The Essen Motorshow is held every year in Essen, Germany since 1968. Tofugarage showed… Continue Reading →

Nissan Vanette SLX C22 “JDM Camper” Build #2

In the last couple weeks I was thinking about the concept of the “JDM Camper” Van. First and probably the hardest question is to put it on bags or lower it with static suspension.. As you can see, it sits… Continue Reading →

Nissan Vanette SLX C22 “JDM Camper” Build #1

As written previously, I got hands on a Nissan Vanette SLX with the (at least in Germany) rare 2.4 litre Z24i engine, which is also known from the ’90s Nissan hardbody trucks. I already started working on the car for… Continue Reading →

Nissan Vanette SLX C22 – New project

Finally got a ’90s Japanese Van! I was looking for a ’90s Japanese Van for around 2 years now, but not that intensively. Just had my automated searches running and they just threw out many bad condition ones which had… Continue Reading →

S-Fest style over everything – Event coverage

Last weekend the first S-Fest opened its gates for S-chassis enthusiasts In the early spring I was invited to a carshow called S-Fest, which was hosted by and I wondered if this carshow could be good or not. I… Continue Reading →

Nissan S13 Type X (Kouki) build #9

Turbo change and first big ride of the year I finally got a big garage where I can work on my cars. Just built in a working bench including a vice and big space for my tools. Due to the… Continue Reading →

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