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Nissan S13 Type X (Kouki) build #8

Final steps of preparation and full vinyl wrapping after getting the preparated fine spatula sanded, we was able to start wrapping the car. Started with doors and front fenders, then to the hood and going furth with the rear quarter… Continue Reading →

Autofest. 2018 – Event coverage

Last weekend was the season opener event by HowDeep? called Autofest. 2018 Here some pictures of this small but well organised event:     If you want to see more of this event, checkout the Video coverage by HowDepp?: You… Continue Reading →

Nissan S13 Type X (Kouki) build #7

Bodywork and preparations for vinyl wrapping Today we started the preparation for getting the car wrapped properly and easy. We disassembled the hood, front and rear bumper, filler cap cover, popup covers, tail lights, mirrors and door trim pieces. I… Continue Reading →

Legendary and rare classic JDM Rims

there are plenty of awesome and creative creations of various rim manufacturers available, which are no longer produced. The most of them become pretty uncommon and rare to find on the market. I will give you a little overview of… Continue Reading →

Nissan S13 Type X (Kouki) build #6

Exterior color decision and GP Sports spoiler I finally made a decision about the color my car will get. It will get wrapped in the 3M Black Rose gloss vinylwrap. In my opinion this color, with its amazing fade in… Continue Reading →

Nissan S13 Type X (Kouki) build #5

CPU upgrade and exterior color plans due to the changes in the air intake and intercooler, I am going to upgrade to another ECU, which allows the engine to run with the correct air-fuel ratio. I got hands on a… Continue Reading →

Nissan S13 Type X (Kouki) build #4

Interior plans and Gauge upgrade Last christmas I got me some [Hoonigan] – AutoMeter Gauges, which should be pretty known to all of you, because they are also built in Ken Block’s legendary Hoonicorn. I got a 3D printed gauge… Continue Reading →

Nissan S13 Type X (Kouki) build #3

Brake upgrade I chose the 300ZX (Z32) brake setup, with 4 pistons at the front calipers and 2 pistons at the rear calipers. This is a huge upgrade to the original 2 and 1 piston swing saddle setup. Just stripped… Continue Reading →

Car scene dictionary

There are many of terms used in the car scene which many guys don’t know even if they are car enthusiasts. So I gathered some of the most common terms together for you guys. “Hachi-Roku” or “Hachi”: Hachi-Roku is japanese… Continue Reading →

Nissan S13 Type X (Kouki) build #2

Wheel plans and resulting Hub conversion I got hands on some rare mint condition Nismo LMGT4 rims (17×9 et22) originally built on an R32 GTR. After I received them, I had to get the 5 bolt rims on the still… Continue Reading →

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